Why Hire A Moving Company?

Why Hire A Moving Company?

Why would you hire a moving company in the first place?
If you’re reading this, probably you’re either getting ready or have already started your journey in finding the best solution for your move. You also most likely have faced the vast ocean of moving companies, each offering its cumbersome pricing estimates, which by the end of the day pile up in big overwhelming email list, so long that you’re probably sick and tired of it, and thinking of just renting a U-Haul truck and doing the move yourself!

That’s great, however…

Let’s look at the idea of a self-move closer: you’re going to pay at least a hundred dollars to rent the moving truck, fill it up with gas or diesel (another significant dent in your budget, since a truck averages about 4-6 miles per gallon). And the ‘best’ part is you’re doing all the packing, carrying, lifting and back-breaking yourself. What a hefty price to pay!

Even if you have a small studio-sized residence, especially here in southern California, with temperatures going over 90 degrees – it’s going to be quite an experience of renting a truck, packing, disassembling, wrapping, carrying or rolling everything to the truck, stacking and strapping everything to make sure it gets there in one piece and then doing everything above one more time at your new residence.
But what if there are stairs, or an elevator, or a long walkway, maybe you don’t have all the tools for everything?

Let’s face it – for an unprepared DIY mover the task of relocating delicate, fragile and heavy items safely and timely is not an easy one to complete and is often followed by

  • physical injuries,
  • a couple of days of life lost and
  • complete exhaustion at the end.
    And yes, you will save a couple of hundred dollars on the move, but only if no breakage occurred! But then you unpack that last box with precious china and oops… no more dishes, mom! Would you want to take that chance?

On the contrary, here is the scenario where you hire Best Movers League moving company.
With us, you don’t have to lift a finger! Except going online and clicking on bestmoversleague.com

  1. Start with getting an instant estimate quote for your move on our website. No more guessing and crunching numbers. Your approximate price is shown automatically after quote submission.
  2. Our friendly BML representative will go over all details with you via the preferred method of communication to make sure all your moving needs are fully satisfied. You may pick any option from regular furniture moving to our all-inclusive white glove services.
  3. While the move, with trusted BML white-glove professionals (if chosen) you don’t have to be present at moving locations! Let us handle all the logistics. No need to take days off or cancel plans anymore. We value your time as much as you do!

With our proven formula you get 2 (and up if chosen) professional movers, background checked and trained by our BML experts to ensure the maximum experience of every move.

Your furniture will be carefully disassembled, individually wrapped and professionally stacked in the truck. Our experts can professionally pack any fragile items such as china, crystal, vases, antiques, electronics, fine art, mirrors, music instruments and much more.
Save yourself the time, stress and pain of moving by choosing Best Movers League.

As far as price point goes – the same studio mentioned above can be moved, starting at $297.00! (as of July 2019) Isn’t that amazing?

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