Frequently Asked


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Am I getting charged for movers taking their breaks?

NO. Our moving team will deduct all breaks and lunch from the total move time.

Are my items insured with you? What is valuation?

YES. We include basic moving insurance coverage evaluated at 60 cents per pound of declared weight of items. We also any 3rd party reputable moving insurance company.

Are you licensed and insured?

YES. We are a licensed and insured moving company, registered to operate within California. Please refer to our license and insurance page for more information.

Are your movers verified, trained and rated?

Yes. Every member of our league went through a full background check, rigorous training and indefinite work hours to provide the best moving experience!

Can I get a flat rate price?

YES. For Long Distance Moves only. We specialize in quick, 1-2 business days long distance moves to any part of California. Give us a Call to get to your all-inclusive flat rate now! No hidden fees, or surprises at the end.

Can I ride with the movers?

NO. While we do carry a license to move your possessions both local and long distance, that license does not cover passenger transportations. So, unfortunately, we cannot allow any customers catching rides with us in the truck. Although I would admit, it could have been fun. We have a pretty great "BML ride" playlists.

Can you help with the packing/unpacking, or do I have to do it myself?

YES, WE CAN. Our exclusive white glove services include an extensive range of packing, unpacking, organizing and decorating services at customer's request.

Do you charge extra for stairs/elevators?

NO. We only operate by a simple hourly rate, multiplied by moving time. Easy-peasy.

Do you handle antiques/artwork?

YES. Extra value items require extra care. Custom crating and free onsite estimates are available at customer's request.

Do you have an hourly minimum?

YES. We have a 3-hour minimum order requirement for any job.

Do you have any hidden charges?

NO. Aside from hourly rate and packing price for local moves and all inclusive flat rates for long distance moves we have ABSOLUTELY no additional fees.

Do you move cars?

NO. Currently, vehicle transportation is out of the scope of our services.

Do you move on Sundays? Weekends? Holidays?

YES. With a rare exception of New Year's and Christmas Eve holiday periods, Best Movers League operates 7 days a week.

Do you move pianos?

YES. Moving a fragile yet pretty heavy musical instrument without any damages or injuries requires a knowledgable and experienced team. Give us a call to discuss a moving scenario that will suit your needs in the most convenient way.

Do you move plants?

YES. Depending on the size of your leafy friends our moving experts will determine the best relocation scenario suitable for plant transportation.

Do you offer a free on-site estimate?

YES. For oversized moves ( 4 bedroom+ local -OR- 2 bedroom+ long distance) we offer free onsite estimates to determine the not-to-exceed price for the entire room and account for all necessary details.

Do you offer commercial/office moves?

YES. Whether it is a small storefront a 4000 square feet office, our relocation specialists are ready to develop the most convenient solutions for your move!

Do you provide wardrobe boxes?

YES. Use of wardrobe boxes is included in the hourly rate. We will make sure to provide at least 6 to 8 garment boxes for your move. Please let us know if additional boxes are required.

How big are the trucks?

Medium Duty Box Trucks with a cargo box length of 20-26 ft. and total vehicle length ~ 30-35 ft. are the most popular city moving fleet options we offer. Fully equipped with straps, ropes, dollies and other supplemental tools, our trucks are already included in the hourly rate!

How do I know if my mover is reputable?

Best Movers League is proud to be the most transparent moving company in the industry! Upon confirming the move, you will receive a welcome email from your very own moving crew with fully disclosed profile information including names, photos, ratings, compliments from other clients and more! No more strangers at the door!

How far in advance do I need to fill out the Reservation form?

Although BML skillful staff is often ready for immediate help, our customers are strongly recommended to book the move one to two weeks in advance for local, and two to four weeks in advance for long distance moves.

How is the reservation process done?

Our Reservation process can be done in 3 quick steps, under one minute. Check out How We Work page for more information.

How long will it take until I receive a Quote?

"Best Movers League is proud to be one of the first moving companies in the industry to design and release a very easy moving price calculator that lets you know instantly how much time and money you relocation would cost. NO more GUESSING and HOPING if it meets your budget or not! Try our instant quote now, or click on the how-we-work tab to find out more information."

How ready do I have to be for the movers?

Pick your shade of "ready" and let us know! Our exclusive white glove services include an extensive range of packing, unpacking, organizing and decorating services at customer's request.

Is credit card / financial information required to book?

There is absolutely NO deposit or credit card information required to reserve the move.

Is the deposit required to book?

There is absolutely NO deposit or credit card information required to reserve the move.

Is gratuity included?

Although tips are not required and will not be added to the final invoice, we are very grateful for your extra appreciation of our staff's professionalism and effort.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We offer a variety of payment options for our customers when the move is complete, including cash, all major debit and credit cards, PayPal and Venmo.

What if I need to cancel my Reservation?

We have no cancellation fees. Just let us know as early as possible about your cancellation for better karma.

When do I pay for the move?

Although our innovative instant price & time estimate can tell you how much the move will cost, we will never ask for payment upfront. Instead, the payment will only be processed after the full completion of the move.

What makes Best Movers League the right choice for my move?

We have not one but FIVE REASONS why Best Movers League will make your relocation the easiest experience ever.
  • Instant Price Estimates and Reservations Under One Minute!
  • Transparent Moving Teams with Proof Of Trust and Service.
  • Easy payment.
  • Life-Time Customer Support.
  • Quality Check.